Retired ACP reveals Truth- Is Bollywood Star Sri Devi’s death a Planned Murder ?

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Retired ACP reveals Truth- Is Bollywood Star Sri Devi’s death a Planned Murder?

Bollywood Superstar Sri Devi died on 24th February 2018 in a Dubai hotel. Her death news shocked the entire nation and the Film industry. The news of her death is once again in the headlines. Retired ACP Ved Bhushan reveals the truth that her death is a deliberate conspiracy and Sri Devi’s death was not an accident.

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Is Bollywood Star Sri Devi’s death a Planned Murder?

The Dubai police said Sri Devi died because of falling into the bathtub. Retired ACP Ved Bhushan investigated in the hotel where Sridevi had spent the last few days of her life. He was not allowed to enter into Sridevi’s room. Ved Bhushan added that he went to another room close to the room of Sridevi and took the full insight of that accident.

The hotel staff and the Dubai police also did not share any information with them. He claimed that new hotel staff was appointed after Sri Devi’s death. He also questioned why were the front staff changed immediately after her death? What was the reason for doing this?

He said Dubai Police has done a very low-level investigation. He said that Dubai police are considered advanced police in the world but they made a mistake in the word “drowning” in Sri Devi’s document. There was no proper investigation and everything was done hastily.

Even the investigation was not done scientifically. There was no investigation as Dubai police were silent about Boney Kapoor’s and Sri Devi’s call details, blood sample, reports were silent about lungs and when Boney Kapoor was in India, from whom did he meet? Private videography was also banned in the hotel. He also said it is easy to stop someone’s breath and to put in the bathtub expertly until she dies. Without leaving any clue it can be given the name of accidental death. He further elaborated accidental drowning was impossible and this was done intentionally. The death mysterious of Shri Devi is becoming more deeper.


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